Vocal Directors

What you will be doing:

Arranging and teaching the vocal music performed by cast in the show! You’ll write the parts for the choral piece and provide guidance on the musical sketches, working in close consultation with the Directors. You’ll lead the cast through the trials and tribulations of learning to sing in six weeks. And when at last your efforts come to fruition, as the cast perform your pieces on stage in Science Theatre, it will be a wonderful thing to behold.

Skills you will learn:

Teaching, people management, leadership, creativity, teamwork, use of composition software

Commitment times / peak hours:

Arrange music Trimester 2 and during the mid-year break (around June – September) and 1-2 days per week during weeks 1-6, trimester 3 (September 16 – October 27) to teach the music to cast. The final two weeks will become more intensive as the show approaches.