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History – UNSW Law Revue


2021-2022: No Crime to Lie

Directors: Johnson Mulia, Kevin Wang, Sarah Green
Producers: Nicholas Tse, Emma Fu, Lachlan Smith, Alicia Suwahjo

2020: 2020 and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Law and Justice Revue

Directors: Nicholas Tse, Kevin Wang, Sarah Green
Producers: Rabiba Pervez, Sonia Ho, Emma Fu

2019: Chilling Adventures of Subpoena

Directors: Eezu Tan, Lachlan Smith, Mika Rosewarne
Producers: Jack Wheatstone, Joshua Everett, Chelsea Wu

2018: The Bachelawyer

Directors: Alice Loveday, Henry Zhu, Tracey Xue
Producers: Joanna Wei, Maggie Chen, Sabrina Wong

2017: Lady and the Trump

Directors: Alice Kwan, Chris Parker, Emma Smedley
Producers: Anna Cao, Hersha Gupta, Rhonda Ung

2017 Executive

2016: 21 Judge Street

Directors: Jeremy U, Tanya Ruan, Twoey Jones
Producers: Debby Xu, Dinusha Wijesuriya, Lorraine Hong

2014 Executive

2015: The Blunder Games: Catching Liars

Directors: Emily Chen, Henry Robinson, Tharshini Lokanathan
Producers: Alicia Luan, James Banh, Natasha Naidu

2014 Executive

2014: The Abbott: The Desolation of Aus

Directors: David Vu, Oliver Moore, Susan Flynn
Producers: Annette Haddad, Vicky Chen, Tarang Immidi

2014 Executive

2013: Lexis Case Law Massacre

Directors: Laura Kenny, Stephen Sun, Will de Waal
Producers: Richard Du, Joanna Yu, Darren Ou Yong

2013 Executive | Vincent Law Photography

2012: The Lying King

Directors: Greemn Lim, Alex Scriven, Gary Cheng
Producers: Jocelyn Chan, Michael Do, Maddie Lewis

2011: Law Story

Directors: Chen Wang, Saravanan Somaskanthan, Caitlin Adcock
Producers: Simon Cho, Chen Gao, Tony Tang

2010: Abbott in Blunderland

Directors: Anna Prell, Mahmood Hussain
Producers: Ashvini Thilakeswaran, Caitlin Adcock, Kartini Saddington

2009: Harried Prosecutor and the Prisoner of Afghanistan

Directors: Sephora Sultana, Stephan Livera, Maddy Begg
Producers: Chen Wang, Arthur Kam, Michelle Pang

2008: Bar Wars: Episode QC – Revenge of the Silks

Directors: Nic Mendoza-Jones, Madelin Tomelty, Renny Wijeyamohan
Producers: Hamish Collings-Begg, Sephora Sultana, Danny Yip

2007: Poll Fiction

Directors: Lachlan Drummond, Teddy Wang
Producers: Amanda Hoh, Reg Leones, Will Merdy

2006: Hostile Powers: International Plan For Misery

Directors: Greta Jackson, Shivam Kapila, Reg Leones
Producers: Marissa Chorn, Hayley Mednick, Sam Thorp

2005: The Chronicles of Canberra: The Liar, The Bitch & The Xenophobe

Directors: Joshua Brandon, Laura Chapple, Nic Mendoza-Jones
Producers: Julian King, Jenessa Rabone, Frank Tao

2004: Iraqi Horror Picture Show

Directors: Henry Chapple-Cox, Claire Forster, Daniel Mendoza-Jones
Producers: Alex Grey, Georgie Parrot, Sarah Smart

2003: Midget John’s Diary

Directors: Heather Brandon, Nick Carney, Nikki van Roojen
Producers: BJ Glover, Daniel Mendoza-Jones, Kate Duffy

2002: Illegally Bombed/Detention Island

Directors: Michael Cooper, Adam Hochroth, Ingrid Giles
Producers: Claire Forster, Ramona Vijeyarasa, Deme Karikios

2001: Dude Where’s Bob Carr?

Directors: Tristan Jepson, Katherine Fallah
Producers: Nick Carney, Dean Kelly, James Abbott, CJ Wilkinson

2000: Bored of the Rings

Directors: Andrew Dyer, Helena Golovanoff, Claire Morgan
Producers: Lindsay Leeser, Stacey Kelly, Nardia Simpson

1999: The Last Judgment

Directors: Andrew Dyer, Dan Hill, Helena Golovanoff
Producers: Claire Morgan, Rachel Eyers, Tristan Jepson

1998: Godzillaw

Directors: Hugh Driver, Alina Hughes, David Eyers
Producers: Tina Kelly, Helena Golovanoff, Meg Everett

1997: So Sue Me Street

Directors: Bill Pardy, Sally Webster, Giles Hardie
Producers: Hugh Driver, Helen Wodak, Ben Phillips, Aaron Levine

1996: Coalition: Impossible

Directors: Bill Pardy, Michaela Kalowski, Judith Levine
Producers: Connor Bannan, Hugh Driver, Giles Hardie

1995: Bombe Perignon

Directors: Rick Kalowski, Andrew Jones, Justine Munsie
Producers: Rebecca King, Bill Pardy, Greg Moore

1994: Faheywatch

Directors: Geoffrey King, Lyndall Stewart, Andrew Jones
Producers: Craog Cawood, Rebecca Huntley, Nick Quealy

1993: Juristic Perk

Directors: Lyndall Stewart, Chen Jones, Michelle Whistler
Producers: Cadell Evans, Samantha Kam, Arthur Kindle

1992: Republic Enemy

1991: QC Hammer: U Can’t Judge this

1990: Sex, Bribes & Magistrates

Directors: Rachel Brun, Anthea Herron, Tim Nelson
Producers: Eileen Camilleri, Ken Foley, Rachel Francois

1989: Simply Inadmissible

Directors: Mark Adams, Robert Cook, Phil Virgona
Producers: Tim Nelson, Paul Ronfeldt

1988: Witless for the Prosecution

1987: Police State Your Business, or Roll Over Trimbole

1986: The Good, the Bad and the Unsworth

1985: Gone with the Breise

1984: Rebel Without a Clause

Producers: Lucy McCallum

1983: Commission: Impossible

Director: Jean-Paul Rabin
Producer: Lucy McCallum

1982: If They Could Sue Me Now

Directors: Garry Charny, Tim Wardell
Producers: Geoff Kendall, Simon Rice, Lucy McCallum

1981: A Penny For Your Torts

Directors: Garry Charny, Tim Wardell
Producers: Simon Rice, Marianne Kopeinig
Musicians: Tom Knapp, Simon Leadley, Wayne Black, Greg Creecy

1980: Evicta!

Directors: Garry Charny, Tim Wardell
Producers: Simon Rice, Steve Penglis
Musicians: Tom Knapp, Simon Leadley, Wayne Black, Greg Creecy

1979: Justice You Like It

Director: Garry Charny
Producer: Steve Penglis

1978: Don’t Give Me the Writz

Director: Bill Brewer

1977: As Crime Goes Bi

Producer: Peter Batey
Directors: Bill Brewer, David Gibson

1976: The Assault and Battery Operated Show

Producer: Peter Batey
Directors: Bill Brewer, Nick Canosa
Musical Arrangements: David Saul